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First Semester

Week of 9/5-9/8
9/5 Murphy Syllabus , Student info sheet, First Day Writing Prompt, check schedules,
Proof of website visit: Take a selfie of you and your bio book. Send it to Mrs. Murphy on Remind!
9/6 Personality Traits Website Seating Charts, Passes,Crash Course Water WS, Water Crash Course
9/7 Set up notebook, table of contents,Start Word of the Day (WOD), Vocab Strategies, Survival Activity
9/8 Senses Lab, Independent and Dependent Video, WOD

Start Unit Systems and Scale

Week of 9/11-9/15
9/11 1.1 Pretest, 1.2 Expressing Ideas Tool, Activity 1.2 PPT, DQB Sticky notes, WOD
9/12 1.2 Storyline reading, Filler Up, DQB Categories, Begin Summary Table, WOD
9/13 2.1 Powers of Ten video and 2.1 discussion powerpoint, , 2.2 Big to small sort, Summary table, WOD
9/14 2.3 Zooming into Air, 2.3 Student Sheet, Introduce Periodic Table, WOD
9/15 Finish with Atoms and Molecules, Summary table and DQB, WOD

Week of 9/18-9/22
9/18 2.4 Quiz, 2.5 Digital balance and BTB ppt, BTB handout, Activity 2.5 Student Sheet, Summary table and DBQ, WOD
9/19 3.1 Predictions about soda water fizzing ppt, 3.1 Predictions Tool, 3 Question Handout, 3.2 Observing Soda water fizzing ppt, 3.2 Worksheet, WOD
9/20 Revisit Class results, 3.3 Evidence based arguments for soda water fizzing ppt, 3.3 Evidence Based Arguments Tool Worksheet, WOD
9/21 3.4 Molecular models for soda water fizzing ppt, 3.4 worksheet, WOD
9/22 3.5 Explaining soda water fizzing ppt, 3.5 Explanation Tool, Summary table and DQB, WOD

Week of 9/25-9/29
9/25 4.1 Predictions about ethanol burning ppt, 4.1 Predictions Tool, 4.1 Reading, 4.2 observing ethanol burning ppt, , 4.2 Worksheet, Burning Ethanol Video, WOD
9/26 4.3 Evidence based arguments tool ppt, 4.3 Worksheet,, WOD
9/27 4.4 Molecular models for ethanol burning ppt, 4.4 worksheet, 4.4 Reading, WOD
9/28 4.5 Explaining ethanol burning ppt, 4.5 Explanation Tool, Summary table and DQB, WOD
9/29 4.5 Reading, 4.5 Graphic Organizer, Pass back Pre-test, WOD

Week of 10/2- 10/6
10/2 Mythbusters Scientific Method, WOD
10/3 Mythbusters Scientific Method, WOD
10/4 5.3 Molecular model for methane burning ppt, 5.3 Organic vs Inorganic Worksheet, Summary table and DQB, WOD
10/5 5.4 Explaining other examples of combustion ppt, Read assigned section and complete worksheet: Review, summary table and DQB, WOD
10/6 Catch up day from linking Khan Academy

Start Animals Unit

Week of 10/10-10/13
10/9 Systems and Scale Test and Binder Check
10/10 Pretest, 1.2 Video and 1.2 Expressing Ideas Tool, 1.2 ppt, WOD
10/11 DQB, 1.2 Animal Storyline, Video- Fat?, What happens to fat?, WOD
10/12 Half Day- Mythbusters Scientific Method
10/13 2.1 Zooming into plants, animals, decomposers ppt, 2.1 Comparing plants, animals, decomposers, 2.1 Cells reading, WOD

Week of 10/16-10/20
10/16 Life Video- Insects
10/17 Life Video- Insects
10/18 2.2 Molecules cells are made of, Food label cards, 2.2 Food Labels WS, Reading Nutrition Labels, summary table, DQB, WOD
10/19 2.3 Molecules in Cells Quiz, 2.4 Questions about animals ppt, 2.4 Mealworm factsheet, WOD
10/20 3.1 Meal worms eating predictions ppt, 3.1 Predictions Tool, Revisit 1.2 worksheet, WOD

Week of 10/23-10/27
10/23 Set up Plants Plant Setup How Plants Grow?, WOD
10/24 Animals articles
10/25 3.2 Setting up meal worm lab ppt, 3.2 Observing meal worms eating worksheet, check on plants, WOD
10/26 Cell Structure and Function Gallery Walk, WOD
10/27 3.2 con't check results, analyze results, Whole group consensus,WOD 3.3 Evidence based arguments about meal worms eating ppt, 3.3 Evidence tool, check on plants

Week of 10/30-11/3

10/30 4.1 Molecular models for cows ppt, 4.1 Molecular model for cows ws, DQB, Summary Table, WOD
10/31 Finish 4.1, 4.2 How cows move and function: cellular respiration ppt, 4.2 Animal Reading, 4.2 Explanation Tool-QUIZ , WOD
11/1 5.1 directions and ppt, 5.1 Tracing the processes of cows growing activity, Matter and Energy Graphic Organizer, WOD
11/2 5.3 Explaining how cows grow- digestion ppt, and 5.3 explanation tool- QUIZ, 5.3 reading, summary table, DQB, WOD
11/3 5.4 Biosynthesis ppt, 5.4 Explanations Tool, 5.4 reading, check on plants, WOD

Week of 11/6-11/10
11/6 6.1 Explaining other examples of animal growth ppt, Read assigned section and complete worksheet, new passes, pass back pre-test and quizzes, WOD
11/7 No School
11/8 Animals Test Review, summary table and DQB, Check plants, WOD
11/9 6.2 Explaining functions of all animals ppt, 6.2 Functions of all Animals WS, Kahoot review, WOD
11/10 Animals Post-Test and Binder Check

Start Plants Unit

Daily Graphs

Week of 11/13-11/17
11/13 Life- Plants
11/14 Plants Pretest 1.1, Time-lapse video of plants growing, 1.2 Expressing Ideas ppt, 1.2 Expressing Ideas Tool, Graph Day 1
11/15 DQB, Summary Table, 2.4 Questions about Plants ppt, go over slides 7-9 in detail, House Plants for a Busy Life, Check Plants, Graph Day 2
11/16 3.1 Predictions about plant investigations ppt, 3.1 Prediction tool, Graph Day 3
11/17 Life- Plants, Graph Day 4

Week of 11/20-11/24
11/20 3.2 Observing plants Mass changes ppt, 3.2 Observing plants Mass changes WS, 3.3 Set up observing in light/dark, Graph Day 5
11/21 3.3 Results, 3.5 Evidence based arguments tool , whole group consensus, DQB, start ST, Plants video, Plants worksheet, Graph Day 6
11/22 No School
11/23 No School
11/24 No School

Week of 11/27- 12/1
11/27 3.4 ppt observing mass changes dry plants, 3.4 Observing Mass Changes Part 2 WS,, Finish 3.5 Tool, Graph Day 7
11/28 School Presentation/ Plant assignment, Graph Day 8
11/29 4.1 molecular models for potato CR -revisit glucose, 4.2 Explaining how Potato Plants move and function,-QUIZ, 4.2 Reading, Matter and Energy in Plants Graphic Organizer, Plant Notes, Graph Day 9
11/30 4.3 Molecular Models for Potato Photosynthesis, ppt, Graph Day 10
12/1 DQB, ST, Plant Notes day 2, 4.4 Explaining how plants make food ppt, Explanation Tool,-QUIZ, 4.4 Plants Reading, Graph Day 11

Week of 12/4-12/8
12/4 5.1 Tracing the Process of Potatoes Growing ppt, 5.1 worksheet Directions, 5.1 Tracing Atoms, Potato Poster,
Plant Notes day 3,Graph Day 12
12/5 , 5.3 Explanations Tool,-QUIZ, 5.3 Reading, Revisit ST, Review, Plant Test Review, Graph Day 13
12/6 6.1 Explaining other examples of plants growing, moving, functioning- Read assigned section and complete worksheet, Pass back all quizzes and pre-test,
ST, DQB, Graph Day 14
12/7 6.2 Comparing Trees and Child, Kahoot, Finish Review,
12/8 Plants Post-Test and Binder Check

Start Cell Cycle and Decomposers Unit

Week of 12/11-12/15
12/11 Decomposers Pretest, Mitosis Sort, Cell Cycle ppt, cell cycle notes, Graph Day 15
12/12 Cell Cycle CERR, Graph Day 16
12/13 Microscopes Video Microscopes, Graph Day 17
12/14 Mitosis Microscope Lab, Graph Day 18
12/15 Recycling the Dead- Intro to Decomposers WS, Graph Day 19

Week of 12/18-12/22
12/18 1.2 Expessing Ideas tool, Leaf Pack Worksheet, 2.4 Questions about Decomposers ppt, Graph Day 20
12/19 3.1 Predictions ppt, 3.1 Predictions Tool 3.3 Evidence Based Argument Tool, Graph Day 21
12/20 Test Review, 4.2, 5.4 Explanation Tools, Graph Day 22
12/21 Cell Cycle, Microscopes, and Decomposers Test and Binder Check
12/22 Ecosystems 1.1 Pre-test, 1.2 Expressing Ideas Tool, 3 Questions Ecosystems, New Table of Contents, WOD

Start Ecosystems Unit

Week of 1/1-1/5
1/1 No School
1/2 No School
1/3 DQB, 1.3 Key Features,Ecosystem Notes 2.1 Predictions about Patterns in Ecosystems ppt, 2.1 Predications Tool, ST, WOD
1/4 2.2 Activity Simulation ppt, 2.2 Meadow Simulation worksheet, Meadow Simulation, Feed the DingoWOD
1/5 2.3 Evidence based arguments in Biomass Patterns in Ecosystems, 2.3 Biomass patterns in Ecosystems ppt, 3.1 Carbon Pools, Ecosystems video, WOD

Week of 1/8-1/12
1/8 Carbon Dice Game, WOD
1/9 3.3 Tracing Carbon through an Ecosystem, 3.3 worksheet 3.4 Tracing Energy through an Ecosystem, 3.4 worksheet, WOD
1/10 3.5 Explanation Tool -Quiz ,4.1 Farm Ecosystems ppt, 4.1 worksheet, WOD
1/11 4.2 Carbon Fluxes ppt, 4.2 Handout, 4.2 Worksheet, WOD
1/12 4.3 Ecosystems Disturbances ppt, 4.3 Worksheet, 4.3 Fire Handout, WOD

Week of 1/15-1/19
1/15 No School
1/16 , Bill Nye Food Webs, Test Review, WOD
1/17 5.3 How do Ecosystems matter WS, WOD
1/18 Ecosystems Post Test and Binder Check
1/19 Review

Week of 1/22-1/26
1/22 Review
1/23 Review
1/24 Exams 2
1/25 Exams 3,4
1/26 Exams 6

Week of 1/29-2/2
1/29 New Seats, New Passes, Start Thumb Wrestling Lab, WOD
1/30 Finish Thumb Wrestling Lab, WOD
1/31 Unity and Diversity Odd one out, Slide, 1-16, WOD
2/1 Slides 17-31, Doodle Sheet, Thumb Wrestling Lab due, WOD
2/2 Life: Hunters and Hunted

Start Population Dynamics
Week of 2/5- 2/9
2/5 Finish Hunters and Hunted, use computers to finish
2/6 Day 1 Population Dynamics, Doodle Sheet Extinction, Reading- Are we in the middle of 6th mass extinction?, WOD
2/7 Day 2 Population Dynamics, Doodle Isle Royal, Wolf Graph Blank, Wolf Graph Complete, WOD
2/8 Day 3 Population Dynamics, All About Moose, All About Wolves, Isle Royal Reading, WOD

Week of 2/12-2/16
2/12 Day 4 Population Dynamics, Moose Game, WOD
2/13 Living With Wolves, WOD
2/14 Day 5 Population Dynamics, Moose Graph Blank, Moose Graph Complete, Quiz Review, WOD
2/15 Finish Living With Wolves, WOD
2/16 Quiz Population Dynamics, Binder Check

Start Natural Selection

Week of 2/26-3/2
2/26 New Seats, Peppered Moth Lab, prefix
2/27 Antibiotic Lab, prefix
2/28 Doodle Sheet 1, Natural Selection ppt, Model Sheet, Ted Talks
3/1 Oh Deer activity, Know Your Seed Activity, prefix
3/2 Friendly Talk, Worm Eater Lab, prefix

Week of 3/5-3/9
3/5 Doodle Sheet 2, Natural Selection ppt, Start Darwin and Lamark POGIL, prefix
3/6 Finish POGIL, Peppered Moth and Antibiotic Resistance handouts- only one per person, prefix
3/7 Group White board and discussion- must include graph, population change beginning, middle, and end, prefix
3/8 Revisiting the model, Make corrections-turn in as Quiz Grade, Virtual Frog Dissection,Virtual Frog Dissection Worksheet, prefix
3/9 Start Frog Dissection Lab, Dissecting Frog Evolution, prefix

Week of 3/12-3/16
3/12 Life Reptiles and Amphibians, prefix
3/13 Frog Dissection Day 2, prefix
3/14 Frog Dissection Day 3, prefix
3/15 Finish Life Reptiles and Amphibians, use computers to fill out back page, prefix
3/16 Finch Reading, Finch Timeline, Finch Graphs, prefix

Start Sexual Selection

Week of 3/19-3/23
3/19 Sexual Selection Doodle Sheet, Ring- Necked Pheasants, Prefix
3/20 Pheasants and Their Relatives, Pheasant Courtship and Mating, Sneaky Crickets Questions, Sneaky Crickets, Prefix
3/21 Natural Selection Test Review, prefix
3/22 Test and Binder Check

Start Meiosis
3/23 Meiosis Doodle Sheet, Sisters, Making Babies,Prefix

Week of 3/26- 3/30
3/26 Model Sheet, Making Babies Rebuild, Prefix
3/27 Crossing Over Reading, Crossing Over cut-out, Challenge Question, Prefix
3/28 TEDS twins video, Twins article, TEDS video
3/29 Twins Explanation Quiz, Prefix
3/30 No School

Start Probability and Classical Genetics
Week of 4/9-4/13
4/9 New Seats and New Passes, Probability Lab, Prefix
4/10 SAT Day Juniors Only, Video
4/11 Work Keys and PSAT Testing Day, Video
4/12 Finish Probability, Traits activity, Traits ppt, prefix
4/13 Doodle Sheet CG, Pedigree Build Smith Family, Model Sheet, prefix

Week of 4/16-4/20
4/16 Family Pedigrees- 5 choices, prefix
4/17 Family Pedigree poster and share out, prefix
4/18 Mendel with Genetics Doodle, Mendel Video , prefix
4/19 Mendel's Laws Reading, Mendel Reading Guide, prefix
4/20 Problem Set Dragonbugs simulation, Dragonbug Notebook, prefix

Week of 4/23-4/27
4/23 Kendrick Family, Interpreting Pedigrees prefix
4/24 Family Pedigree Posters, Summers Family, prefix
4/25 Gattaca with Questions
4/26 Gattaca
4/27 Finish Gattaca turn in Questions, Start Lorenzo's Oil with Questions

Week of 4/30-5/4
4/30 Lorenzo's Oil
5/1 Finish Lorenzo's Oil, Turn in Questions
5/2 Finish Dragonbugs simulation, Letter to Mendel, prefix
5/3 Genetics Review, prefix
5/4 Test and Binder Check

Start DNA
Week of 5/7-5/11
5/7 Strawberry Lab
5/8 Blue People
5/9 Kardashian Storyline, DQB, Chargaff's DNA Data, Prefix
5/10 History of DNA, Prefix
5/11Structure and Replication, Prefix

Week of 5/14-5/18
5/14 Modeling Replication- Quiz Grade, DNA Videoif time, Model Sheet, Prefix
5/15 Cancer, Prefix
5/16 A Right to her Genes, prefix
5/17 Kardashian Crime Scene, Prefix
5/18 DNA Fingerprinting Simulation, Prefix

Week of 5/21-5/25
5/21 Oak Leaves Activity, Prefix
5/22 Transcription, Prefix
5/23 Transcription Bingo, Introduction to Translation Worksheet, , Prefix
5/24 Protein Synthesis Manipulation Lab, , Prefix
5/25 Transcription/Translation Bingo, Codon Bingo, Protein Synthesis Scramble- Quiz Grade, Prefix

Week of 5/28-6/1
5/29 Mutations and Disease, Snork Worksheet, Prefix
5/30 DNA to Disease, Prefix
5/31 Review, Prefix
6/1 Test and Binder Check Genetics

Not Updated
Week of 6/4-6/8

Week of 6/11-6/15
6/11 Exam Review
6/12 Exam Review
6/13 1/2 day EXAMS
6/14 1/2 day EXAMS
6/15 1/2 day EXAMS